Severe Problems That Need Professional Masonry Repair

Neglecting some problems in your building or home is never a good thing to practice since other defects are actually a lot more sever compared to the others and so it will require urgent masonry repair work from the experts. We also discourage you to ignore any problems at all, particularly the ones that you can see in your structure or walls. However, if you can observe the ones that we are yet to discuss, now is actually the time to do something about it. It’s obvious that the sooner you deal with the issue, the simpler it will be to repair. Here are some of such extreme problems that may require professional masonry repair:

Disintegrating mortar

The breaking down and disintegration of mortars between bricks is certainly bad news. If your structure doesn’t have a healthy mortar, which serves as a buffer between bricks, the bricks might begin to rub against each other. This can lead to changes and damage in its shape. Damaged or loose bricks, especially in massive numbers, could be extremely hazardous.

A mason who can simply replace or reinforce the mortar can help restore the wall’s integrity. Although this can only be applied only in its premature stages. When it already started for a while, you might be required to rebuild the while wall.


This occurs once soluble salts emerge through the concrete and begin to emerge out of the pores, which appears similar to stains. This is due to several reasons, hence, it is a common issue. The causes can be cold temperature, condensation, rain, and moisture. When efflorescence has recently started to buildup, it can be fixed with just pressure washing the concrete thoroughly. Though this might seem easy to do, it needs to be meticulously done and you must never do this fast. However, it this was left unattended for a long time, the stains can turn into calcium carbonate. If this happens, it cannot be eliminated by pressure washing. This is when you will need to hire a mason to fix this issue.

Shelf angle spalling

One of the typical reasons why building owners and ordinary people require masonry repair services is due to spalling at the shelf angle. A shelf angle is an L-shaped piece of metal that’s placed behind a row of bricks. It aids in dividing the brick’s weight between the ground and the house.

Once the bricks surface begins to experience chipping, it’s called spalling. Usually, it’s because of the shelf angle’s corrosion. Once the shelf angle is damaged or corroded, then it will not do its function properly, which is to split the bricks’ weight. When your walls are generally unhealthy and old, then there’s a possibility that everything will collapse sooner or later.

A professional mason from Masonry San Francisco will help you change the defected bricks and the corroded shelf angle. Unlike some masonry repair jobs, this project could take some time and can be costly.

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